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Feedback from A.L  

"Just to say thanks and that now I have hope for myself again. As of now I will see myself, others and actually everything, from an energy point of view, rising above my old self."

Feedback from  G.C

"I have been working with Macha for almost a year now and I can honestly say I feel so much better than when we started. She has such a wonderful presence and an amazing ability to provide a safe and healing space for her clients. From the very first session I felt I could open up to her and express myself freely without any fear of judgement. I have experienced a wide variety of therapies Macha offers and they are all as powerful and effective as each other. I feel so much more grounded in myself now and am able to process my feelings with greater ease without getting so overwhelmed. I also tried her herbs and they are truly magical. I never realised what a difference they could make to the body.

I can highly recommend Macha to anyone who is looking for some help in making their life easier and more peaceful. I am so grateful for all she has done for me and I look forward to attending her workshops in the future."

"If you want to realize your true potential as a human the inner spirit must be set free. Macha's healing comes from a place of pure love. Universal love, authentic and real! The energies of the shadow will challenge you in all manner of ways. The more difficult they become, the deeper the healing. Macha will unlock the very core of your being! You will receive love and become whole. An intitutive medicine woman who will touch your soul."

Feedback from K.

" Macha set me on my healing path almost a year and a half ago. She truly is a gifted healer and seems to be always learning new methods to help people.  She wholeheartedly believes in holistic health and wellbeing.

I can say from my own experience that consultations and healing sessions with Macha impart knowledge which empowers me to take responsibility for my own healing and not be depending on doctors who didn’t seem to be able to help.


I also found great benefit in Macha’s herbal medicine and found her to be very thorough requiring a consultation before repeating a prescription to see if anything had changed in case she could refine the prescription by adding or removing particular herbs.

Macha’s methods are not necessarily instant fixes but relaxation, relief and reassurance can be experienced during the session; and it can take time for the client/patient to do their part in the healing.

That said, I have also experienced immediate relief from some serious tension pain in just a few minutes of a gentle hands-on healing.  Having asked what method she

used Macha just shrugged, smiled and said ‘a mixture’!

If you are thinking about seeing Macha for a healing of any sort I would definitely encourage you to see her and if you are not sure which method you require I would trust Macha to guide you. 


Personally, I find Macha wise beyond her years and really value her support.

Sacred Drum & Voice Circle

Feedback from Niall B.

"I found Macha's drum circle to be a pleasant, uplifting and interactive experience. The rhythms and vibrations we created allowed our energies to evoke feelings of shared emotion. I loved it! It was truly a wonderful experience."

Trance Dance Ritual feedback from Helena -Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

"What can I say about my first Trance Dance experience, it was invigorating on many levels, it pushed some boundaries which left me with a great feeling of expansion. I felt I wanted to leave my blindfold on as it was so relaxing and just being able to slip into that inner world is a gem and I feel Trance Dance helped me achieve that, from a different perspective. Macha held the space beautifully and I look forward to the next one. XXX"

Trance Dance Ritual feedback from Tiffeny -   Kundalini & Zumba Instructor

"I'd highly recommend the Trance dance journey for anyone wanting to dive deep and reconnect with their inner voice! I found the experience very intense (in a good way! ) and love that I have found something that can bring me to that deep intimate space….a place for exploration, adventure and expanding my mind without needing drugs or alcohol. 

Being blindfolded really amplified my experience as I really felt I could let go without any inhibitions! Really excited for the next one, can't recommend it highly enough <3"

Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman

Vision Quest Feedback from - Abigail R

"I have attended many workshops with many facilitators and while the ways in which each one has helped me to heal and grow have probably been less subtle than I realised, one has affected my life in the most magnificent way and will stand out to me forever.
Macha's Vision Quest was created in homage to the Native American tradition but like much of her work, it was unorthodox. Just three short hours in a fairly urban woods. I went along expecting very little but it has made the most enormous change to my life and the life of my children. A lifelong block was shattered. I had always had a deep love for Ireland and a thirst to see the sights, but I was more comfortable seeing it through a car window. The great outdoors was too much for me, too cold, too wet, too mucky. I am still sensitive to these things but now I feel more at home outside than I could ever have dreamed. I can find the most incredible solace in the forest. I can finally enjoy it the way my children do and bring them to places not just for them, wishing I could be somewhere warm and windless.
Macha opened this door for me and allowed me to experience something I didn't even have as a child. She has changed my life and gifted my children with a more grounded Mother.
As I said, the majority of workshops will help you in more subtle ways. Just remember to trust yourself, if an event calls you and you don't know why - go to it. If you wanted an event for ages but just before it you suddenly don't want to go or have to clear some hurdle just to make it, that often means it's going to be one of the most important things you can do. Macha has some wild opinions and unorthodox ways but her heart is solid gold. Trust her, she is almost more like all things in life than one person. In life, even the things that make you feel weird/bad are helping you to grow. I don't know who I would be today if I hadn't trusted her." 

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