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Range of tools in YOUR 1-1Activation & Transmission

Shamanism & Energies

Shadow work

Spiritual counselling

Shamanic journeys

Usui Reiki 

"This work helps us go deep into dark places so we can access the light so clearly "Macha 

Sacred Sexuality with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman

Sound & Voice Healing

Shamanic drum

Soul  language & sounding

Sound healing 

Activate your voice & heal

"The transmission of sound is powerful & extremely healing for all beings " Macha 

Massage and Body Work with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman

Herbalism & Food

Traditional herbalist

Living food diet plans

Vegan & Veg diet options

Offering support to all clients where needed/desired

Pregnancy & Children

Dance for Birth + Bellydance

Paediatric therapist


By Pre -Request Only 

Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman

Sacred Sexuality 

Tantra  energy 

Awakening your kundalini

Consent & Boundaries 

Healing sexual trauma

"Without Sexual harmony, we can not walk this path whole "Macha 

Sound Healing with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman



 Somatic Emotional Release

Yoga & Movement coach

Weaved into all aspects Machas work solid foundation to help those who struggle in the body 

Herbalism and Food with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman
Pregnancy and Children with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman

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