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One-to-One Journey "Initiation" with High Priestess Macha
Ancient Celtic Medicine Carrier 
I help you -Land -Open - Receive
Land in what is your Truth, Open yet be protected and Receive what you chose  


You know you are a GIFT to the planet & Can help so many people tho your stuck on this mission and/& need support & healing to transmute the energy to be positive & productive ???
Do you want to find your tribe?

Are you going through a spiritual crisis or re/awakening?
Do you have social conflicts you need to resolve and don't know how? 
Do you feel blocked, and is your energy low or not in FLOW?
Are you just not happy the way you know you -can be?
Do you need support, that deep soul-shaking support ? 


This is the
The Gem in the Darkness 
"Through the darkness, we are True Light" Macha  

WE activate & awaken the Mysteries that are awaiting inside Us
The transmission is to the core; this is not for the faint-hearted; it's for the true heart, the heart & wombs that know the frequency that is called from their source NOONE else's. 
This is YOUR Time
If you don't take it, who will? 

This is the path of the one who is ready and already deeply connected,
You are yearning for the next level. 
You know You are the Medicine. 

 What recent past clients have said (for more go to testimonial page )

My healing sessions with Macha have been very powerful - Macha is an amazing woman with unbelievable healing powers. Highly recommended to anyone looking for some guidance in life
Federica Di Poalo -
2022, 1-1 program ITA:LY 

She went deep, as deep as was needed, to bring me back up from the darkness. She not only healed the pain in my back but also the unrealized pain in my spirit. She creates a personalized healing process that is impossible to define, both before and after because it is creating itself as we go. It is unfolding.
Daria Blair MacGregor Cermemonialist & Ordained Priestess 2022, 1-1 program USA


I work with a lot of different techniques to be always able to choose the right approach for your divine needs. I love the variety of infinite possibilities when we work in deep sacred containers.
Read more about some & not limited to my tools I work with & hold mastery in 


What can I help you with? & Benefits of the work

  • Deep relaxation response (with all the attendant physical and psychological benefits of relaxation — this is so important!)

  • More Grounding

  • A deep sense of peace and calm/emotional wellness..

  • Relationships & Sexuality 

  • Nature Connection improvements 

  • Healing/ Gifts  abilities are more accessible 

  • Your Holistic Business 

  • Money Issues 

  • Feeling Your Divine Essence & Magic 

  • Witch & Wizard Wounds 

  • Impregnating New patterns 

  • Creativity / Artist self 

  • Your Soul Purpose WHAT is IT? 

  • Plant Medicine Integration

  • Feeling Heart Opened & Free in Life 

  • Relationship & Sexual Self - open & abundant 

  • Your Work / Life balance is in order & to feel daily Bliss 

  • Your ACTIVATED everyday 

  • You can integrate plant medicines deeper & more stable / learn tools

  • Enhanced creativity, creative production, and problem-solving.

  • Focus for projects & LIFE DREAMS

  • Accelerated personal growth and/or spiritual evolution.

  • Enhanced mental clarity.

  • The Transmissions & Codes you are waiting for!!!!

  • Healing and elevating life experiences.

  • Stretching & flexibility & general overall well-being of the BODY- Embodiment 

Do you know what you want?

Great! Just email me at and we will get going.

Not sure yet?

The first step could just be to book a alignment call .That's already a great step into the right direction - the direction of change. Even just reading so far says that you really mean to change something & you are in deep search - When we don't know it means its time to learn that KNOWING !!

Often a person doesn't know about what I do or what he/she/they exactly needs and just trusts that I can help. So if this is the case, just contact me at and we will discuss the best way to go forward. 



The best way to work with Macha is to trust her. Trust her instincts, trust her process, trust her pricing structure, trust the challenges and tasks she gives you. Above all, trust yourself to be in a sacred space during your time with her. When you say yes to working with Macha, you are saying yes to another level of your life, opening up and blossoming. What an incredible gift she offers!

2022, 1-1 program -Daria Blair MacGregor -Cermemonialist & Ordained Priestess USA

Practical information

Session structure & costs

  • Cost (exchange ) This is an investment into Life changing Path- How much is that worth to you? If you're not worth it, I am not interested. NOONE can value you until you self-value. 

  • Contact me

Location Options

  • 1-1 & Groups - International - Online - 

  • Retreats - International  

  • In-person Cork - Ireland  Ritual Temple Cork 

  • In-person Retreats International & Locations in Ireland 

Are you READY for a Life UPGRADE?

For more information, email me at

"we are never ready until we are ready "


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