One to One Journey With Macha 

You know your are a GIFT to the planet & Can help so many people tho your stuck on this mission & need support & healing to transmute the energy to be positive & productive ???
Do you have health issues?
Do you want to find your tribe?

Are you going through a spiritual crisis or awakening ?
Do you have social conflicts you need to resolve and don't know how? 
Do you feel blocked, your energy is low?
You're just not happy, the way you know you can eb?
Do you need support, that deep soul shaking support ? 

Herbalism with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman

I work with a lot of different techniques to be always able to choose the right approach to clients needs. I also love the variety of infinite possibilitiesRead more about techniques & therapies I work with & trained in .

What can I help you with? & Benefits of the work

  • Natural pain relief or reduction (or, especially with regard to chronic pain relief, the transformation of relationship to pain).

  • Managing stress and coping with stressful situations.

  • Immune system health is improved - you have greater resistance to illness and heal faster from sickness and injury.

  • Deep relaxation response (with all the attendant physical and psychological benefits that relaxation brings — this is so important!).

  • A greater sense of emotional wellness.

  • A deep sense of peace and calm.

  • Resolution or transformation of relationship to problem people or situations.

  • A release of deep, chronic muscle tension.

  • Relief of anxiety.

  • Relationships & Sexuality 

  • Nature Connection improvements 

  • Healing/ Gifts  abilities 

  • Your Holistic Business 

  • Money Issues 

  • Feeling Your Divine Essence & Magic 

  • Witch & Wizard Wounds 

  • Impregnating New patterns 

  • Creativity / Artist self 

  • Your Soul Purpose WHAT is IT ? 

  • Plant Medicine Integration 

  • Feeling Heart Opened & Free in Life 

  • Relationship & sexual Self i open & abundant 

  • Your Work / Life balance is in order & You feel daily Bliss 

  • Your ACTIVATED everyday 

  • You can integrate plant medicines deeper & more stable 

  • Improved resistance to chronic mild depression.

  • Enhanced creativity, creative production, and problem-solving.

  • Enhanced personal insight.

  • Focus for projects & LIFE DREAMS

  • Accelerated personal growth and/or spiritual evolution.

  • Emotional release and healing.

  • Enhanced mental clarity.

  • The transmissions & Codes you are waiting for?

  • Balancing of energy & release of Blocked ones 

  • Grounding.

  • Healing and elevating life experiences.

  • Stretching & flexibility & general overall well being 

  • Learning tools for everyday life maintenance 

  • Weight & Eating disorders 

  • Detox - Body rejuvenation 

Do you know what you want?

Great! Just email me at and we will get going.

Not sure yet?

The first step could just be to book a alignment call .That's already a great step into the right direction - the direction of change. Even just reading so far says that you really mean to change something & you are in deep search - When we don't know it means its time to learn that KNOWING !!

Often a person doesn't know about what I do or what he/she exactly needs and just trusts that I can help. So if this is the case, just contact me at and we will discuss the best way to go forward. 

Practical information

Session structure & costs

  • Cost (exchange ) This is an investment into Life changing Path- How much is that worth to you? Contact me

Location Options

  • 1-1 & Groups - International - Online - 

  • Retreats - International  

  • In-person Cork - Ireland  @Ritual Temple Cork 

  • In-person Retreats International & Locations in Ireland 

Are you READY for Life UPGRADE?

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"we are never ready until we are ready "