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Heal from the inside and out with the 4 Elements of Nature…

Discover how the earth, water, fire, and air make up our bodies.

How they are present in both the physical and mental aspects of us.

How it will help deepen our understanding of our identity and position in the environment.

Realize that we are ALL part of the elements.

See how these elements will transform your life. 

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Talk on Earth, Sound Language and Demo with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman

Workshops ,  Retreats & Events

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Workshop, Retreats and Events with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman

What is enveloped in Machas Retreats & Courses for those who are looking to go deep into healing container while cultivating tools to bring home below are the many of hundreds of workshops she has facilitated over the decades before , If your interested in learning from Macha we recommend her Celtic Temple School - Bespoke crafted training to facilitate you to step into your power 

"Step Outside Your Comfort Zone  & Fill Yourself up from where you truly Began " Macha

Soul Voice - a channel long forgotten and must be reconnected with. 

Trance Dance - meet the dark and awaken the light.

Sound Healing - Relax restore and rejuvenate and connect to the source.

Drum & Voice Circle - Gathering of people in an ancient way.

Tantra - Sacred Sexuality - A space to open, receive and give in safety. 

Consent & Boundaries - Soft and gentle way to get into areas we really need to work on.

 Seasonal Gatherings - Gathering of the community on the Celtic Calender.

Puja Temple Nights - Devotion to the self and the community.

Wild foraging walks - Available in your locality.

Cacao Ceremony - Connection of Love and beauty.

Women Circles - Deep Cathartic Container to emerce in great healing the wound of womban & shadow behind it all

Vision Quest - Space to get lost and remember.  

Equine Connection ~Connecting with horses to help you heal 

Other offerings

Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman
Tribal Fusion with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman
Sound Healing with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman

~Sacred Music Medicine with  Macha & Lukasz

~Land & House Clearing & Blessings 

~Ceremonial Music for Handfastings 

~Tattoo Shamanic Rituals with Lukasz Shivaya

~Doula - Prenatal & Postpartum

~Naming Ceremony/ Passing over / Keening

~Horse Medicine 

Sacred Music Healing with Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman
Are you interested in the New Celtic Temple School?

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