Macha Shewolf - Bio 

"My life path is one of liberation, nourishment, community and sharing the gifts I have received to pass over in my teachings and my one to one therapies. "

Macha Shewolf Medicine Woman helping with equine healing too.

"Nature is my inspiration & driving force "

"Since I was a child I've had deep empathy and connection to nature, luckily I grew up in Ireland in the country. I used to rescue animals, ride ponies and spent a lot of time in nature. I learned a lot about people and relationships,  myself and connection to all, on my journey as I grew. The word divinity comes to mind, something I experienced many times and this connection to source creation and vital energy reminds me daily that I'm on a path that is guided above myself and supported. I am completely human and feel human existence extremely challenging in moments, these teachings are what drives us to change have the option to change and serves as one of the biggest teachers for us. I listen and I receive, often these teaching are not what we want but by acceptance & surrender, we can pass forward to a new level of existence and paving a path for generations to come. This is evolution. Connect. Create. Transform. All of this and smile, enjoy the abundance that the world has to offer. Possibilities are endless. The circle never ends. "


Video about my healing work

Qualifications & CPD

I continue to learn every day, that's a gift in itself 

2000 - 2004 Apprenticeship Avril, shamanism, juicing, raw food, herbalism and diagnostics. 

2002-2004 Aesthetic Diploma, Body Therapies, Massage & Machines -Woodworth & Whelen School.

2009  Reiki level 1 & 2 Ellie Redmond 

2010  to present -Shamanic Retreats / Apprenticeships & Training with varied teachers 

2011 Usui Reiki Master Level 3 with Jennys Healing Centre Kildare 

2011 International Gathering of Shamans Intensive - Dunderry 

2011-2013 Plant & Herbal  Apprenticeship completion  with Nikki Darrel 

2012 Equine Assisted Training - American Teachers -

2012 Munay Ki Rites with  Raj

2012 Trance Dance Facilitator  Certification with Wilbert Alix

2012 -2014 Veriditas - Western Herbalism  Diploma with leading lectures. Alot of work with Chinese medicine. 

2012-2015 Craniosacral level 1&2, Somatic emotional release level 1  & 2, Paediatric & pregnancy Level 1 &2, Equine Craniosacral  level 1 with Upledger Institution Ireland 

2013 Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine for Practitioners with Saytmya Clinic - Clare 

2013 Leave no Trace -Trainer  Certificate Course with Will & Away

2015 Birth to know, Doula Training with Bridget Sheran 

2015 Dancing for birth,  Facilitator Training  Stephanie Larson

2015 Rebozo Birth healing technique

2016Harmony Group Singing Teacher Training - Susi Ro

2017 Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Josh Summers 

2017 Conscious Sexuality Teacher Training 

2017 Ayurvedic Thai Massage Training with  Mukti

2017-2018 Mushroom/ Fungi  Training with Attillia Fodi Hungarian Fungi  Inspector 

2018 AcroYoga International Foundation Teacher Training  

2018 Acessing Tantric Body & Dearmouring Training level 1& 2

2019 Tantra Teacher Training UK

2019 Bodi Yoga Ireland - Vinyasa Teacher Training 200hr

2019 Contemporary Dance College

2020 Shamanic Tantra Training

2020 Currently - Art Studies

Additional - Occupational First Aid 2010 to present, Shiatsu Introduction 2015, Circus Training 2010 to present ,Movement Medicine 2010 to present,Contemporary & Tribal Fusion Dance 2012 to present ,Child Protection Training 

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